VALKYRE German Shepherds, located just outside of Sacramento, California, was created out of my desire to consistently produce healthy, sound-minded, highly trainable dogs without compromising CORRECT STRUCTURE. Along with that is my commitment to Honest Representation, Fair Guarantees, and Ongoing Advice & Support.


castleMy first litters, although excellent in temperament, did not have the overall health and longevity that I insist on. In the early 80's I found myself searching for the bloodlines that would fulfill all that I was looking for in the German Shepherd Dog. That search took me to various kennels both here and in Germany. It was in Germany that I found the bloodlines that would insure a high percentage of healthy, spirited, long-lived dogs that had the natural aptitude to fulfill their genetic potential.


I have always approached the breeding of German Shepherds as a priviledge. Great responsibility comes with knowing, full well, the ability to influence further generations.

To develop a line it takes patience, vision & knowledge of the Breed. Each breeding is carefully planned and researched to produce the utmost potential.

Every dog used in our breeding program is certified and free of hip & elbow dysplasia. In addition, the parents are VA or V rated, Schutzhund titled and Breed Surveyed and/or from a working Search & Rescue dog.


I choose to keep a limited number of breeding stock in order to provide excellent care for each. That usually means a wait for one of our pups. I firmly believe that the first several weeks of life are crucial in the proper development of puppies. Therefore we spend many hours handling them. They are exposed to different people, obstacles (as confidence builders), and gentle children.


DonnerAll dogs and puppies get daily exercise in large grassy yards, and are afforded an environment enriched with stimulating objects and experiences. To ensure further proper development, our pups are placed where they will be family members and live in the home.


Proper nutrition is equally important at Valkyre. We feed a raw diet of Primal and Excel frozen food.


All dogs are kept in a clean environment and are groomed on a frequent basis. By the time our pups are placed in their new homes they are accustomed to - and usually enjoy - brushing, toenail clipping, and baths.


Our litters are registered with the American Kennel Club. Before they leave our home they have been thoroughly examined by a Veterinarian, are microchipped, current on vaccinations, and test negative for parasites. All new owners are provided with a written health certification from the Veterinarian.


We do require that your veterinarian examines the new member of your family within the first 72 hours.


Yours in the breed,

Rebecca M. Rodgers

VALKYRE German Shepherds

Dedicated to Sound Minds, Correct Structure, Honest Representation,

Ongoing Advice & Support

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